Start-Up pitch submission for the prostep ivip Symposium 2023​

Thank you very much for your interest in being part of the prostep ivip Symposium 2023 - Start-Up pitch.

You apply here for one of 3 presentation slots in our Pitch Area, where you can present your start-up to a broad audience with a 180 seconds pitch. In addition, you will take part in the audience voting on these 3 pitches and have the additional chance to win 2.500 € in prize money.

Please use the following forms to submit a complete set of information for your pitch application in English until 31 March 2023.

Prerequisite for submitting a pitch presentation:

  • All startups have to be younger than 4 years
  • Target group: users (OEM & suppliers), IT vendors, service providers, research institutes
  • Objective: Informative for global partners in the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries

Your submission proposal should contain:​

  • title of the pitch (in English mandatory)
  • abstract (max. 1,500 characters)​
  • name and contact details of the speakers​ ​

The number of speakers is strictly limited to two speakers. Only the first speaker is free of charge.
We will charge a reduced fee of 650,00 € ex. VAT for the second speaker. ​

The application deadline for submission is 31 March 2023.
You will receive a notification by the end of April 2023, whether or not your pitch has been selected for a presentation at the prostep ivip Symposium 2023.